Welcome to Pencabe Ltd

Established in 1996, we are a Design & Build Contractor.

We work with you from project concept through to final delivery, to ensure you are supported throughout each outcome. We manage a team of sub-contractors, our own that we have worked with for several years, and your own recommended teams, managing cost, quality, health and safety, and of course ensuring pre-agreed timelines are met. Our mantra is to find cost effective, practical solutions to challenges. We ensure all aspects of a project are scheduled and managed by us, to enable a consolidated approach to delivery.

Howard Tucker, owner and Managing Director, is your key contact who will attend project board meetings, and keep track of all work performed on site. He works closely with the site-based Contracts Managers and is the immediate escalation point for all involved.

We are an agile company, and take pride in checking even the smallest of details. Offering a flexible and personal service. Our company is lean and efficient, to ensure our clients are able to meet ever changing business needs, without incurring huge variation costs.

The high quality of our work is continually recognised by long-term relationships with our clients.

We enjoy being part of your team, managing the budget and specification tightly to ensure quality at the right price.

See some of our work on this site or contact us to discuss specific examples.